Breathing 102 - physiology of the breath

Breathing is essential to life. We take more than 20,000 breaths a day.  With each breath we inhale about ½ liter of air—absorbing oxygen—and exhale, releasing carbon dioxide. 

Breathing is pretty complex with a lot of organs and body parts involved:

  1. The airways deliver air to the lungs:
    • Nose (or mouth)
    • Throat (pharynx)
    • Voice box (larynx)
    • Windpipe (trachea)
    • Large airways (bronchi)
    • Small airways (bronchioles)
  2. The lungs are responsible for the gas exchange in the alveoli—tiny air sacs. Inhaled oxygen and exhaled carbon dioxide are passed in and out of the blood in the capillaries—blood vessels in the alveoli walls.
  3. The breathing muscles work together to push air into and out of the lungs:
    • Diaphragm
    • Intercostal muscles

Imagine all these body parts working together 20,000 times a day. And imagine the effects of this intricate system not working properly? Just for this reason you should make sure you pay attention to your breathing.

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Stay healthy, stay happy!

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