How you breathe is

How you breathe is how you feel; how you feel is how you breathe! The question is: how do you manage this cycle?

There’s a time and a place to take short, shallow breaths and to alert your nervous system. After all you don’t want to feel relaxed when you’re faced with danger. However, you don’t want to stay in a high alert stage all throughout the day. 

This is where yoga breathing comes in. It’s a safe, natural self care tool that helps manage the nervous system. Besides better sleep, yoga breathing can help you relieve stress and anxiety as well as improve digestion and mental focus. 

As a certified breath coach, I’m here to guide you to all the benefits of breathing with effective methods and predictable results.

We are in a fast paced, 'I needed that yesterday' type of environment most of the time. Do yourself a favor and slow down. In the long run you'll reap the benefits! I'm just a click away to support you.

Stay healthy, stay happy.

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