What I use and recommend

I want to share with you some of the products I use/activities I do regularly. I hope you’ll find them beneficial to your wellness just like I do.

  • Insight Timer: a meditation app with a large amount of free stuff, from guided meditation to music playlists and yoga sessions. There’s a section for beginners, if you’re new to meditation. You’ll find something you like to help you cope with the stressors in your life.

  • Five Tibetan Rites: 5 exercises, repeated 21 times. Don’t be alarmed, the whole sequence only lasts 10 minutes. These are lung-expanding stretches used by Tibetans for ages to improve fitness and health. Start slow and don't forget to listen to your body!

  • Blueland for eco-friendly cleaning products without any plastic waste. I especially like the dishwasher tablets. I tried the dish detergent and was not thrilled about it. You get a starter kit of the cleaning agent and an appropriate container. The subsequent orders consist of refill packs. So there are no empty plastic bottles!

Stay healthy, stay happy!

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