3 ways a breath coach can help you

Let's talk about what breathing can and cannot do:

Breathing is maintenance for the body. Think about your car. You bring your car to regular maintenance in order to avoid a mechanical malfunction that will render your car not drivable. 

With a few easy steps you can do self-maintenance through breathing by
  • improving your sleep, 
  • balancing your energy, 
  • boosting your digestion, and
  • better managing daily stress. 
These preventative measures will help you with your overall health and wellness by treating milder symptoms and preventing them from turning into more serious problems down the road.

Breathing cannot cure any health issue that requires medical attention. It's not a magic wand that will change things instantly. 

Going back to the car example: Once your car is out of gas, you have to get help, either by asking a friend for a ride to the gas station or by calling AAA. However, the inconvenience of running out of gas can be avoided by simply filling the gas tank on a regular basis. Then you won't need external help; you simply drive to get gas.

Now that we established that breathing works great as a preventative measure, the key to benefit from it lies in incorporating proper breathing into our daily routine. This is where coaching is helpful.

Think of me, your breath coach, as the gas gauge of your car. I will remind you to do your self-maintenance and keep you accountable:
  • I prepare guides to help you practice breathing on your own.
  • I check in with you regularly in between sessions to answer any questions.
  • I assign homework—nothing difficult, I promise!

I share this so that you know exactly what to expect when you start your breath coaching journey with me.

So let's meet! Send me a message to book a free breathing session and we'll talk about how breathing can help you!

Stay healthy, stay happy!

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