Obstacles, move out of the way!

Ted Lasso fans, let me see your hands  

"Ted, did you do your 4-7-8 breathing?" This line caught my attention for obvious reasons. It's fun to hear something near and dear to your heart mentioned on a popular TV show. 

Life throws us many curveballs It's unrealistic to hope we can avoid life's problems. However, it's highly possible to find effective ways to deal with the stress caused by those problems. 

Yoga breathing is one of those ways. It's a method that is easy to learn, safe to practice and that delivers immediate results. 

At the expense of sounding like a broken record, let me repeat again: I wholeheartedly believe that yoga breathing is something everyone should learn how to practice. Even if you don't use it right away, it's a tool that you can rely on when you need to overcome life's obstacles. 

So do yourself a favor and schedule a discovery session with me. We'll talk about how my breathing program can benefit your overall wellbeing.

Until then, 

Stay healthy, stay happy!

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10-06-21 06:24 AM PDT

I love 4-7-8 breathing during anxious times. It works well while trying to fall asleep as well. Is yoga breathing different?


Hamra Bakircioglu

10-06-21 12:26 PM PDT

4-7-8 is another type of yoga breathing. It's basically mindful breathing. I used to use 4-7-8 as well. Now the method I practice is simpler and more accessible. The aim is to make mindful breathing part of the daily routine. Great question!



10-05-21 09:06 PM PDT

I am in!


Hamra Bakircioglu

10-05-21 09:55 PM PDT

Let's do this, Demet!

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