Hum all day, every day

Simple tip to switch on the rest and digest response of the nervous system: humming 🎶

Humming stimulates the vagus nerve ⤵️

✨is the 10th cranial nerve
✨is the longest nerve of the autonomic NS
✨supplies nerves to the heart, lungs and digestive tract
✨is the main driver of the parasympathetic NS

When the vagus nerve is stimulated, the parasympathetic response of the nervous system kicks in—the mind and the body are relaxed 😌 , digestion is active.

With so many stressors in our lives, it’s valuable to know how to keep your nervous system in balance ⚖️

Balanced NS means better overall health 💪

Next time you’re waiting in line at the grocery store 🛒, or the post office 🏤, or in front of your computer 💻, start

Stay healthy, stay happy.

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