Get these benefits from slow breathing

The ideal respiratory rate is 6 breaths per minute. Most people breathe twice as fast, about 12 breaths per minute. Why should you try to slow down your breath?

Here’s an overview of the benefits:

✨Increased breathing efficiency—more air reaches the air sacs in the lungs where the gas exchange O2 ⇔ CO2 happens.
✨Increased blood oxygenation—better gas exchange leads to better oxygen uptake in the blood.
✨Increased blood circulation—the maximum amount of oxygen is transferred to the maximum amount of tissues and organs.
✨Calmer mind—when you’re nervous, your breathing is fast. When you’re calm, you take slow breaths.
✨Balanced the nervous system—breathing is the switch from ‘fight or flight’ to ‘rest and digest’ response of the nervous system.

⇛ All of the above will help you feel better overall—improved sleep, energy, mood, focus, concentration.

And remember slow breathing happens naturally when you use your
Nose ✅ and diaphragm ✅ not mouth ⛔

Stay healthy, stay happy.

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03-12-22 04:40 PM PDT

Learning how to breathe properly helped me!


Hamra Bakircioglu

03-13-22 03:30 PM PDT

That's great to hear, Yesim! Proper breathing habits in our daily lives are important.

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