Benefits of nasal breathing

The first requirement for better breathing is using the nose.  Let’s take a look at what happens during nasal breathing and why it's so important:

  • The airways are protected since the nose humidifies, filters, and warms the incoming air.
  • As the nose is smaller than the mouth, there is about 50% more resistance. This means slower breathing resulting in greater oxygen uptake in the blood.
  • There’s an increase in carbon dioxide at the end of exhalation which helps release oxygen from the blood into the tissues and organs.
  • Nitric oxide produced in the paranasal sinuses is carried into the lower airways.
  • When breathing through the nose you can engage your diaphragm more easily. 
  • Nose breathing provides better recovery post exercise due to increased oxygen uptake in the blood.

To summarize: Nose breathing is efficient breathing with
  • Optimal oxygen uptake
  • Optimal oxygen delivery
  • Functional movement support
  • Better dental health
  • Protected airways 

Remember to keep your mouth closed ⛔ and breathe with your nose ✅

Stay healthy, stay happy.

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